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Ketovis is a 10 -day food protocol that reproduces the beneficial and detoxifying effects of fasting while eating.
Fat mass balance
Cell renewal
Detox effect

Safe product and notified at the Ministry of Health
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What is Ketovis?

Ketovis is a 10 -day food protocol, which reproduces the beneficial and detoxifying effects of fasting. Ketovis promotes the optimization of metabolic markers, the balance of cholesterol, the reduction of fat mass and cellular autophagy.

During the treatment, the fat mass will be demobilized and used by the body for the production of energy. As a physiological consequence, you can see a sudden weight loss.

The treatment mima the fasting process, also activating cellular autophagy (important physiological process for cell recycling and tissue regeneration).

How do you take Ketovis?

The Ketovis treatment must be followed only for 10 days, and involves taking 5 sachets per day (see dosage). The only recommended food, during the 10 days of treatment, are vegetables and vegetables. All the indications on hiring are explained, in detail, in the food diary attached to the package.

It is not necessary to eat protein foods of animal origin (meat, cheeses, etc.), because the essential amino acids (aminovis 12.000mg) contained in ketovis manage, alone, to cover the recommended daily requirement of these components. Idrovis 6,000mg, on the other hand, is a balanced complement of vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the citrus of magnesium and potassium, moreover, Idrovis has an alkalizing action on the body: it is useful for counteracting the tissue acidosis, that is to regulate the acid-basic relationship, reducing the side effects of ketosis.

Is Ketovis safe?

Ketovis is 100%safe. In fact, all components are mixed in Italy, in certified pharmaceutical laboratories, according to the most rigid standards of good production and manufacture. Ketovis contains products notified at the Ministry of Health. The protocol has been widely studied and can count on a thick scientific literature.

What contains Ketovis' box

AMINOVIS: 1 pack of Amevis with 30 sachets of 12,000mg
Hydrovis: 1 Pack of Idrovis with 20 sachets of 6,000mg
Shaker: 1 300ml Shaker to mix the sachets of Amevis and Idrovis
Food diary: 1 food diary with indications on hiring and useful recipes for 10 days of Ketovis treatment


In case of pregnancy, breastfeeding and type 1 diabetes, kidney failure, consult your doctor.

Dosage (10gg)

Morning: 1 sachet of aminovis + 1 sachet of hydroveis
Lunch: 1 sachet of aminovis + 1 sachet of hydroveis
Dinner: 1 sachet of aminovis

Recommendations (10gg)

Drink at least 3 liters of water per day and a glass of water and with half a lemon in the morning. Don't forget to eat vegetables at will. Do not underestimate this aspect.

Diet (10gg)

Vegetables and vegetables, up to the system, inserted in the list "Table of blood sugar indices", included in the package.